The Vermont Veterans Outreach Program staff have very diverse backgrounds and many of them have served in the different branches of the military. Their commonality is that they know what our veterans are facing every day. The Vermont Veterans Outreach Program has a proven track record in getting the job done helping our veterans receive the services they need and have earned for their service to our country.

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Vermont Veteran Outreach Feature Story

By Glenn Riley | VTNG Family Programs | Dec. 31, 2019

As I reflect back on the 12 years that I have been on the Outreach team and all the Veterans we have helped and after helping a Vietnam Veteran out today I would post some facts that people may not know about the Vietnam war.
- 5 Aug 1964 President Johnson ask congress for the power to go to war
- 7 Aug 1964 that was granted.
- US troop Statistics:
8,744,000 total number of troops that served worldwide during Vietnam.
3,403,000 served in Southeast Asia and
2,594,000 served in South Vietnam.


- Us deaths:
Battle 47,434,
Non-battle 10,786,
total in theater 58,220 and 1 million civilians. Total Pow /MIA at the end of the war was 2646. As of march 2019, there are still 1589 unaccountable for.
The war ended on 30 April 1975, when South Vietnam surrenders to North Vietnam as the North Vietnamese troops enter Saigon, ending the Vietnam conflict. We at Outreach work with Veterans from all conflicts and branches of service. I am very proud to be part of the Outreach team, which is made of Veterans from all branches of service. In ending, remember, TEAMWORK: it’s amazing what you can accomplish as a team. Semper Fi!
Glenn Riley
Vermont Veteran Outreach Specialist
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