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Vermont Veterans Outreach Mental Health Services are available to Vermont Veterans, Service Members and their families. This program offers short-term, private/confidential, non-medical counseling and psycho-education in non-traditional settings to help veterans and their family members with such issues as deployment stress (family separations, reunions, and reintegration), marital/couple relationship issues, parenting and parent-child communications, and child behavioral concerns. These services are free, confidential and available to Veterans and families residing in Vermont.

Behavioral Health Services Feature Story

By Charlene Caiano | VTNG Family Programs | June 26, 2020

What exactly does it mean to love someone? How do we define love and affection? Our personal definition is shaped by our upbringing, cultural messages, and our interactions with a specific person. In addition to having a variety of ideas in terms of what love is, we also have different expectations as to how love should be expressed. There is no one “right” way to love another person. To succeed in a long-term relationship, we must not only understand our partner’s preferences and our own, but we should also understand what happens when these styles are combined. You may also find that your expression of love changes throughout the years that you share together. How do you want your partner to express love and affection? A. I like to receive notes of affirmation or I like to be hugged B. I like to spend one-to-one time with a person who is special to me or I feel loved when someone gives practical help to me C. I like to sit close to people whom I enjoy being around or I like for people to tell me I am attractive/handsome
In Gary Chapman’s, “The 5 Love Languages,” he provides a love language profile for both singles and married couples. There are several pairs of statements of how people may show love to one another. Generally, our immediate thought of love languages is romantic. However, there are a variety of ways that love and affection can be expressed through different relationships. When expressing love, we have to keep in mind what makes our
partner feel supported, not just what makes us feel good.