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Behavioral Health Services

Charlene Caiano
Office: (802)-338-3445

Camp Johnson
Colchester, VT

Vermont Veterans Outreach Mental Health Services are available to Vermont Veterans, Service Members and their families. This program offers short-term, private/confidential, non-medical counseling and psycho-education in non-traditional settings to help veterans and their family members with such issues as deployment stress (family separations, reunions, and reintegration), marital/couple relationship issues, parenting and parent-child communications, and child behavioral concerns. These services are free, confidential and available to Veterans and families residing in Vermont.

NEWS | Jan. 21, 2023

Surviving the Holidays

There is some level of stress and tension around the holidays. The holidays are a time to take part in family traditions and make new memories. However, these expectations can make the holidays difficult to manage for anyone, which in turn creating unwanted stress.

The following are some suggestions to help prepare you for the holiday season and make it a special time of year in your own way.

Create New Traditions

Think of new ways you can partake in new healthy traditions on your own. Invite new people to join you in your new or old traditions forming joyful memories to your holiday spirit.


Look for opportunities to get you out and involved in holiday happenings with friends and family. Attend parties, bake, get your craft on, be creative when wrapping, invite friends and family to local activities, decorate, have a movie marathon, cook something different, do something useful around the house or even take a journey to certain local events.

Ask for Help

The true meaning of holidays is about sharing the holiday experience with the ones you love.

Welcoming and getting everyone involved by sharing something special like a favorite recipe or a game helps to bring everyone together.

Manage your Time

Responsibilities/chores never stop so plan them accordingly. It is okay to say “no” to the ones that can wait during the holiday season. Possibly, cut some corners where you can in order to manage your time better because you can always finish them later. The idea around this is to create less stress and frustration so that you can enjoy the season.

Keep Focus

Make a point to celebrate the good things in your life by contacting your friends/family and reminding them of how much you appreciate them and value their support. Another great way is by giving back to others and your community by volunteering.

Ask for Support

Holiday blues can be difficult for anyone to manage. If you need help, talk to a friend, a loved one, or a licensed counselor. Talking about and expressing how you feel and what triggers certain feelings can impart new ways to cope and keep your holiday blues at bay.