ESGR, a Department of Defense program, was established in 1972 to promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve Component Service members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from an employee's military commitment. 

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Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

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ESGR Feature Story

| Dec. 2, 2019

            December 2019 Reminders from Vermont Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve and the National Guard Employment Support Program
Freedom Award nomination season ends 31 December 2019!
Please get your nominations in not later than 31 December to be considered for selection as one of 15 finalists for 2020. The Freedom Award is the highest award that a civilian employer can receive. If you have submitted your boss for a Patriot Award previously, please go ahead and provide as much information a you can on the Freedom Award nomination. If you have never requested a Patriot Award for your employer, please contact our office at 802-338-4187 before nominating your boss for the Freedom Award, so we can help you in selecting the appropriate award.
Another Reminder - Notice to Your Employer – Please be sure to notify your employer of all of your drill and AT dates, and in particular, of the upcoming deployment, especially if you are a member of the 86 IBCT or you have knowledge of another deployment. And if you are a military spouse, don’t hesitate to speak with your own supervisor to let them know that in a year or so, you will be taking care of business for the family, and may need some flexibility in your work schedule.
Need help finding a job? If you need to tune up your resume or don’t even know where to start, contact Dave Wheel at or 802-272-5509. Be ready if you’re looking for a job, or a better job! We have also recently created a Facebook page that will display an increasing variety of job opportunities. Go to: “Vermont Employment Support Program” and click on “Groups” and “Job Opportunities.” The available opportunities will increase over time as employers become more knowledgeable of the site.
Vermont ESGR is always looking for new volunteers, especially from the “four corners” of Vermont (St. Albans, Lyndonville, Brattleboro and Bennington.) Most of our readers work a full-time job and then some, but you may know someone who would like to serve a few hours a month. Contact Linda Fowler, full-time Volunteer Support Technician (802-338-4187) or Jerry Manock, VT ESGR Vice Chair (802-355-6169) for more information.
Have an employment-related question, need help finding a job, or need more information about your job protections under Federal law? As always, call us with any employment-related question at 802-338-4187 or 802-338-4190