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Child and Youth Program Feature Story

By Brian Stoudnour | VTNG Family Programs | Dec. 2, 2019

Winter is upon, in fact most of us have already experienced the joys of snow and single digit temperatures! I am hopeful that the 2019-2020 Winter will bring us lots of the fluffy white stuff called snow, creating increased opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Spending time outdoors throughout the winter months is critical to maintaining both physical & psychological health. Even if but for a short time the benefits will out-weigh the extra effort and clothing necessary.

We all know that Vermont is THE place to be for skiing, snowboarding and many other winter sports on the eastern seaboard. Many of our wonderful ski resorts offer Military Discounts (which are extended to spouses & dependents), here are just a few that do: Killington, Pico, Okemo, Bromley, Smuggler’s Notch, Stratton, Sugarbush, Mount Snow and Bolton Valley. Plus, extra bonus alert Jay Peak Resort, Burke Mountain and Mad River Glen (SMs only) are FREE! (Check out their websites, or give them a call for more information). However, I am all too aware that the cost (even with a discount) and time commitment of the above mentioned winter sports can be a barrier. That is why my family and I regularly pursue more cost effective outdoor winter activities such as; Nordic Skiing, ice skating, sledding, building snow-people and snow forts, going for walks, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and more. Not only are they better for the bank, but easier to enjoy as a family unit.

As mentioned earlier additional clothing, and safety considerations are required to venture outside during the winter. It is critical that appropriate precautions be taken to protect yourself, family and friends. Here are just a few tips to help ensure you, your kiddos, and other family & friends are adequately prepared for playing outside during the winter: