Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

The Vermont National Guard’s Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is a legislatively mandated, comprehensive program that provides a continuum of support to service members and their families throughout all phases of the deployment cycle to help reduce stressors and challenges created by deployment.

We provide you with the information, services, referrals and proactive outreach programs that you need to connect you with your local support community through our office and through events we hold across Vermont. If you’re a member of the National Guard, attendance at a Yellow Ribbon program event is mandatory to ensure you and your family benefit from the resources available to you. Our job is to be here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Remember that YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US!

Vermont Family Family Programs - Yellow Ribbon Deployment Resource Binder

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In 2008, Congress directed the Secretary of Defense to establish YRRP in Section 582 of Public Law (PL) 110-181 in direct response to the nation’s recognition of the unique challenges facing the Reserve component community. These challenges include:

  • Understanding and accessing benefits earned as a result of activation
  • Geographic isolation
  • Disparate or sparse access to military family support groups in local communities
  • Continued and repeated deployments
  • Unemployment and underemployment of returning Reserve component members

What We Provide

  • Education to help ensure the readiness of members of the unit, their families, and affected communities for the rigors of deployment
  • Education for service members and their families about available resources and connections to service providers who can assist in overcoming the challenges of reintegration
  • Reintegration curriculum implemented throughout the deployment cycle that builds resilience for current and future deployments
  • Events The Vermont National Guard’s Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program holds events across Indiana to ensure you and your family benefit from the resources available to you. Our national Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program website has current information about events happening across the United States.


CPT Samuel Slater

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program 
789 Vermont National Guard Road
Colchester, VT 0544

Yellow Ribbon Briefings - 172nd LE DET & TF AVALANCHE
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General Knight & CSM Chipman Yellow Ribbon Intro. TRT: 2:04


Col. Davis's Yellow Ribbon Intro. TRT: 1:54


Red Cross Emergency Communication TRT: 1:56


Small Business Association Briefing TRT: 13:07


VA Benefits / Disability TRT: 2:55


ESGR USERRA Training Brief TRT: 10:28


Chaplain - Spiritual Relationships TRT: 3:40


Military and Family Readiness Specialists TRT: 2:04




TRICARE Briefing TRT: 12:48


Military One Source TRT: 12:48


Financial Readiness TRT: 24:19


Child and Youth Services TRT: 33:48



Legal Briefing TRT: 18:40


Red Cross Resiliency TRT: 39:21


Incentives TRT: 00:05:11