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Military OneSource is your 24/7 connection, from the moment of enlistment through 365 days after separation, to information, answers and support - your one source for your best MilLife. Our mission is to advance the wellbeing of active duty, National Guard and reserve members, survivors and their families. Our confidential support services include specialty consultations on topics from financial counseling and tax filing assistance, to special needs support and wounded warrior resources. Explore our spouse education and career opportunities to achieve your goals at any stage of your military life. And when you just need to talk, experts who understand the military community provide private, non-medical counseling to help you through relationship challenges, job stress and more. You can rely on us for worldwide access, anytime, to receive no-cost support. Engage with objective and experienced experts who are committed to helping service members and military families thrive. You can also take advantage of the online webinars, podcasts, downloadable products and materials, military installation information and more. Connect with an expert today by visiting or calling 800-342-9647.

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By Marcie Caulfield | VTNG Family Programs | June 26, 2020

Controlling Anxious Thoughts in Difficult Times
The coronavirus pandemic is a global crisis, and feelings of stress, sadness, anger, and confusion are normal reactions. It takes time to adapt to a crisis and to create new ways to respond to it. While many often focus on the negatives, a crisis can also be an opportunity for positive change.
The challenges you face will vary based on your specific situation. You may be working from home, or you may have a profession that puts you on the front line. You may be a working parent dealing with multiple tasks at the same time. Or you may not be working temporarily, or afraid of losing your job.
Here are some general principles that may help you managing distress:
• Keep your attention in the present.
• Even if the internet is your way to keep informed, try to avoid overexposure to media.
• Focus attention on hobbies and personal interests.
• Keep in touch with your loved ones by phone or video calls.
• Exercise can be a helpful coping strategy.
• Realize that it’s normal to feel some emotions: sadness, anger, fear.
• Try to identify the things you can have control over and focus on them.
• Develop self-compassion.
• If possible, find ways to help others.
• Consider creating a new schedule according to your needs.
Be sure to make use of resources available to you for support. Consider talking to a Military OneSource non-medical counselor for help managing distress. Contact us any time by calling 800-342-9647 or by using our Live Chat feature on the website (
For the complete listing of Department of Defense approved wellness apps, visit: