NEWS | July 1, 2021

A Note from the Director, Family Programs

This year, for the first time in more than a decade, we are not publishing a monthly newsletter. We made the decision to publish quarterly in April of this year. We thought about how communication has changed since 2010 and all the ways we can now stay in touch with our families: multiple facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, QR codes, apps, skype, FaceTime, etc. It became clear that we are utilizing so many other avenues of communication that a monthly newsletter might be better served quarterly.

What hasn’t changed is all the great content the Family Programs’ staff continues to provide our families. Information, resources and best practices that, hopefully, you will find helpful. At the very least, we want our families to know we are here- you are not alone. When the staff decides what content they want to share, they make sure it is relevant and timely. In addition, we often have other areas of this organization who provide information they would like to communicate to the families of the VTNG and use our newsletter to deliver it.

As I reviewed this newsletter’s content- I see self-care, resiliency, and inspiration-all things we hope for our families. We are in the thick of multiple deployments and this can lead to feelings of isolation and stress-which can affect our lives and relationships.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us-starting with our 24/7 call center line- 888-607-8773, or the contact roster located on the last page of this newsletter. We are here for you.