State Chaplain

Bret Charsky
Cell: (315)-481-0419

Camp Johnson

Our core capabilities:
• Provide Religious Support
• Advise the command on the internal religious support needs and issues and the external effects of religion/culture on the mission.

The chaplain’s role can be summarized in this tripartite phrase: "Nurture the living, care for the wounded, and honor the dead." We accomplish this through site visitations (battlefield circulation), pastoral counseling, and individual and group worship experiences, performing religious rites, sacraments, ordinances and pastoral counseling for wounded soldiers, and conducting memorial services and providing grief and combat stress counseling for soldiers. As one of the commander’s personal staff officers, we advise the commander on matters pertaining to religion, morals, and morale as affected by religion.

Our core competencies:
• We provide for religious needs through a ministry of presence to soldiers within the command – battlefield circulation
• We provide counseling support to soldiers and families within the command.  This is provided irrespective of religious beliefs or practices.  It is available to anyone – soldiers, family members and DOD civilians in the area of operation.
• All have 100% confidentiality when speaking privately with a military Chaplain.
• We can also advise the Family Support Group in the unit and provide a channel of communication between the FSG and the command. At echelons above Battalion we provide resources, guidance and training to subordinate chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists in order to enhance the mission capability of Unit Ministry Teams. We work as a team – one Chaplain and one RA Specialist.
• We manage the Unit Ministry Team assets within the command and coordinate the religious support resources and needs of all units within the command and exercises technical supervision over subordinate chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists.

Bottom Line – if you need spiritual support or just need someone to talk or work through whatever is a challenge in your life call us.  We are there to support you and your family.

VTARNG State Chaplain

By CH (LTC) Brett Charsky | VTNG Family Programs | Dec. 2, 2019

Chaplain’s Reflection:
As Christmas approaches, many people enjoy watching a Hallmark movie and though we know the story ends happy, it’s the twists and turns that intrigue us. How is the couple going to acknowledge that each has feelings for the other and then come together?
While acknowledging and expressing those feelings for someone can be difficult, we know that in order for the relationship to begin, one must take risks and begin to connect with the other person. The Romantic period or phase as some call it is filled with excitement and energy. It is difficult to focus on work or school and telephone calls can last for hours.
As time passes, the excitement and the need to spend every minute with the other person begins to wane and the relationship enters into the reality phase. Yes, we still love the person, but it is now a “committed love.” In the Romantic phase, it is a “chemical love” because the body is producing different chemicals such as dopamine that affects one’s ability to think clearly.
Christmas is a time when couples and families spend more time together and have the potential to demonstrate that they love each other. We often focus on gifts and while gifts are important; we also need to focus on quality time, communication, board games, and other activities that bring the family or couple together and without the use of some electronic device.
Solomon and his bride call each other my “beloved!” Beloved noun·adjective
A beloved is a much adored, treasured, loved one used to define the one whom you affectionately love unconditionally; that in the strongest of devotion, being able to love without the purpose of intercourse, love without any limitations, in having belief in faithfully knowing and cherishing that you and your dearest have certainty in having an unquestioning sincere assurance of; entrusting, faithful, confident, devotion, dedicating, loyal, committing, affectionate, endearing, and truest of love in one another that is constant, unchanging, unconditional, unwearyingly. A love so sincerely special, true, and genuine that is beyond that of lust, the purest of love. (
I encourage you to call your spouse your “beloved” and demonstrate it.
Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year!