State Chaplain

CH (COL) Brett Charsky
Cell: (315)-481-0419

Camp Johnson

Our core capabilities:
• Provide Religious Support
• Advise the command on the internal religious support needs and issues and the external effects of religion/culture on the mission.

The chaplain’s role can be summarized in this tripartite phrase: "Nurture the living, care for the wounded, and honor the dead." We accomplish this through site visitations (battlefield circulation), pastoral counseling, and individual and group worship experiences, performing religious rites, sacraments, ordinances and pastoral counseling for wounded soldiers, and conducting memorial services and providing grief and combat stress counseling for soldiers. As one of the commander’s personal staff officers, we advise the commander on matters pertaining to religion, morals, and morale as affected by religion.

Our core competencies:
• We provide for religious needs through a ministry of presence to soldiers within the command – battlefield circulation
• We provide counseling support to soldiers and families within the command.  This is provided irrespective of religious beliefs or practices.  It is available to anyone – soldiers, family members and DOD civilians in the area of operation.
• All have 100% confidentiality when speaking privately with a military Chaplain.
• We can also advise the Family Support Group in the unit and provide a channel of communication between the FSG and the command. At echelons above Battalion we provide resources, guidance and training to subordinate chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists in order to enhance the mission capability of Unit Ministry Teams. We work as a team – one Chaplain and one RA Specialist.
• We manage the Unit Ministry Team assets within the command and coordinate the religious support resources and needs of all units within the command and exercises technical supervision over subordinate chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists.

Bottom Line – if you need spiritual support or just need someone to talk or work through whatever is a challenge in your life call us.  We are there to support you and your family.

VTARNG State Chaplain

By CH (COL) Brett Charsky | VTNG Family Programs | June 26, 2020

Chaplain reflection:
Proverbs 31:11 (KJV) The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
This verse is so important because it teaches that trust is foundational to the relationship and to the couple’s health and strength. I praise God for my wife and the fact that I trusted her when I was
deployed, as well as during weekend drills, and annual training. She trusts me when she is away and our relationship is stronger and healthier than when we first were married 23 years ago.
I became a certified Strong Bonds Instructor for “Speed of Trust” developed by Stephen M. R. Covey.
Trust is both an action and a feeling. The feeling of trust is often the result of a deliberate action of creating trust.
Once you begin to speak and behave in high-trust ways, you’ll start to recognize its effect on you and the people around you. You’ll begin to see it. Clearly, these three dimensions are interdependent. (Stephen M. R. Covey, Speed of Trust Facilitator Guide, pg. 14)
Master Religious Affairs NCOIC SFC Sanders and CH (COL) Brett Charsky are beginning to plan and coordinate a Strong Bonds training course using this material. We need your input on a number of questions and invite you to go to the link and fill out the Survey Monkey. The results will guide our planning and coordination. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey and help us provide you with a great Strong Bonds training event. Please take our Strong Bonds survey by clicking this link...

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