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Vermont Veterans Outreach Personal Financial Counselor provides financial services to Vermont’s Veterans, Service Members and their families. These services include budgeting, debt reduction, retirement planning, and much more. Our Family Program Personal Financial Counselor can assist you in your efforts to become financially stable and independent. The Personal Financial Services integrates within the military life-cycle; from pre-deployment financial preparation activities through transitioning from the military to civilian life. These services are free, confidential and available to Veterans and families residing in Vermont.

Personal Financial Counselor

Contact: Megan J. Sather
Office: (802) 338-3446

Calculators & Comparison Tools 

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Calculate how quickly you can pay off debt.
Information about credit cards, bank accounts, digital savings apps. mortgages and insurance.
Comparison of best rates available for high yield savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), and mortgages.
Learn about the Military's Savings Deposit Program.
A wealth of financial calculators for loans, taxes, investments and more. Provided by Military OneSource

Financial Education

Games and information for teaching children, teens and young adults about money; quick and simple tips about budgeting, saving and spending.
Offers a host of consumer tools, many created specifically for Service Members and Veterans.
Information on consumer protection and fraud prevention. Tools and tips for military service members and their families.

Free online tutorials on personal finance and economics.


March 6, 2024

2023 Tax Changes w/ Megan J. Sather

We asked Personal Financial Counselor, Megan J. Sather, to come in and talk with us about changes to the tax law that you need to know about before filing this year. View Megan's 2023 Tax Changes PDF:
NEWS | March 3, 2021

Data Breach: Now What?

By Megan Sather

It feels like there is a new data breach every week across the country.  We just had one in our own back yard.  The VT Department of Labor just announced a data breach, so let’s talk about what you should do whether you are affected by this breach or not.  This information is always good to know, the faster you act when it happens the faster you can protect your personal information.

The first step is to place a fraud alert on your three credit reports, this notifies companies to ask more questions when a request for new credit comes in. Place a free, one-year fraud alert by contacting one of the three credit bureaus. That company must tell the other two.  

•  888-EXPERIAN (888-397-3742)

•   888-909-8872

•  800-685-1111

Make sure you are always looking at your credit reports throughout the year, just to make sure everything is being reported correctly.  You are entitled toa free credit report from all three agencies at:    

If you have looked at one credit report recently, then space out looking at one every 4 months then you will watch all three free throughout the year.

If you get notified your information has been compromised, go to and fill out a report with the FTC.  They will collect some of your information about the breach and create a Personal Recovery Plan with all the steps and contact information for all the companies you need to notify.  If you create an account, they will walk you through each recovery step, update your plan as needed, track your progress, and pre-fill forms and letters for you.

As always, I am here to answer questions and walk you through these steps if you are a victim of a data breach. 

Please contact me to set up an appointment, or 802-318-2507