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Family Assistance Centers Feature Story

Family Assistance Center Feature Story

By Wendy Krapowicz | VTNG Family Programs | Dec. 31, 2019

Happy New Year to All
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and rang in the New Year with you Friends and loved ones. With this being said I know it’s that time of year where everyone likes to try to set some goals and many of us like to have some New Year’s Resolutions to kick off the New Year. Some of the top ones are:
1. Get in shape. By this not only can you stay in shape physically but emotionally? Especially this time of year with the long drawn out cold dreary winters.
2. Spend more time with Family and Friends. This will help build strong bonds and handle stressful situations with ease.
3. Decluttering – Perfect time to take advantage of declutter and this will also help with self-care because it helps you take control of your home. I myself save my indoor projects for winter time.
4. New Beginnings – A lot of people take the New Year as way to a FRESH START, Start the New Year with a clean slate and this gives a positive new perspective and fresh look as to the wonderful possibilities our futures can hold.
5. Social Media Diet – Shut off the devices, talk one on one, be hands on and interactive.
Here are some useful links: Upcoming Event Calendar’s (Free Events By town/counties
Just a friendly reminder that tax season is upon us as well and that Military Once Source offers free tax, filing, and preparation through Miltax this is avail mid- Jan – mid-Oct. If you have further questions please contact your local FAC or Marcie Caulfield at 802-233-9694 or via email at:
We as FAC’s always look forward to hearing from you, whether it be to ask a question or just to call and talk. If you need any resources or referrals please do not hesitate to call. If we do not know the answer we will find it for you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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