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Dear Vermont National Guard Members and Families,

When thinking about employment and changing jobs it is often hard to “sell yourself.”

Especially for military members, this concept is hard to put into writing because we all are

of the understanding that it is the teams’ success that leads to victory, not solely our own

efforts. One way to bridge this gap is to think about how the military has put you above

and beyond your civilian competitors. Below, here are 5 reasons that set YOU apart, and

why employers want you to work for them.

Reasons Why Members of the Guard Make Good Employees

• Professionalism - Military employees have a high degree of integrity, an air of self-respect, and a sense of honor.

• Responsibility - Military employees know how to make decisions and take responsibility for meeting deadlines.

• Understanding Diversity - Military employees have succeeded in a very diverse workplace.

• “Can Do” Attitude - Military employees possess critical skills and understand that nothing is impossible.

• Calm Under Pressure - Military employees are resilient and know how to handle stress, both on and off the job.

After speaking with multiple human resource managers in the federal and civilian sectors, the above qualities are the

hardest to find in our labor market now. It is easy to train an employee on how to package a shipping order or how

to type a memo; what is harder to find is the soft-skills that are harder to teach such as leadership, integrity, and so

many other skills you as a member of the Vermont National Guard need to possess to be mission ready!


All of my best,


Nicholas A. Thomas

Citizen Soldier for Life Career Readiness Counselor

Office: (802) 338-3709 Cell: (802) 310-5391



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