VTNG Child & Youth Program provides a supportive environment for children and youth through activities and events specifically designed to encourage personal growth, strength of character, resilience and moral development in peacetime and through the cycles of deployment.

VTNG Child & Youth Program Goals
Education ~ Resilience ~ Access ~ Opportunity ~ Readiness ~ Communication ~ Outreach

Child & Youth Program Feature Story

I love the Autumn months; cool crisp air, beautiful hues of red, yellow and orange on the mountains, apple pie, and a cozy fireplace. However, I would be remiss to not reflect on the summer that passed by, way to quickly.
The VTNG CYP was party to providing summer camp experiences with a total combined 7,808 program hours for 122 military youth throughout the state of Vermont. With varied programming ranging from Drone Camp, to a Teen Leadership Adventure Camp, and the number one seller VTNG End of Summer Camp. It was busy and very rewarding summer for ALL involved. One of the many highlights was the Teen Leadership Adventure Camp.
This years Teen Leadership Adventure Camp was a 2-week long intensive wilderness leadership experience. Ten (10) VTARNG youth spent their time mountain biking, hiking and canoeing in the Northeast Kingdom. Throughout the entire trip there was an emphasis on developing personalized leadership skills, to include resilience building, public speaking and group facilitation. This group of enthusiastic youth faced significant weather challenges, as well as a team leader suffering from shingles. Their success was due to a superb team mentality which allowed them to pull upon the strengths of each other as individual contributing members in accomplishing a common goal. The resilience of this group was evident in the perseverance of them to continue on in the midst of a challenging and life changing experience. One day, hopefully sooner than later, they will fully acknowledge this for what it was.

In the Spirit of Adventure,
Brian Stoudnour
Lead Child & Youth Program Coordinator - Contractor
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