VTNG Child & Youth Program provides a supportive environment for children and youth through activities and events specifically designed to encourage personal growth, strength of character, resilience and moral development in peacetime and through the cycles of deployment.

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Child & Youth Program Feature Story

Winter weather is upon us and soon enough it will officially be Winter. The month of December and the cold setting is affords us additional inside time as our bodies adjust to the outside conditions. As 2018 approaches we begin thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions. I’d like to challenge you and your children to create something a bit more meaningful, through the process of Goal Setting.
Goal Setting (as defined in the Penn Master Resilience Curriculum) is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life, and builds hope.
Ok, so what and how does this do for me/us?? Goal Setting is about planning, staying committed to goals, navigating obstacles that WILL present themselves along the way. It assists in keeping our emotions and actions in check which is Self-regulation. Goal Setting facilitates resilience by providing us a process for planning to achieve our goals. Achievement of our goals allows us to grow and thrive as humans. This process is challenging, but essential. It is important to ponder your goals multiple times during any given week. Here is a great Goal Setting tool:
1. Brainstorm and jot down the goals you would like to achieve; education, career, family, etc… (What do you want to achieve in the future, or be really good at?)
2. A) Pick ONE (1) goal from your list. B) Give your goal a deadline. C) Identify why your goal is important to achieve. Giving a timeline to give yourself less room to procrastinate, and identifying why it is important to you provides motivation.
3. Visualize Your Success– What does it look like to achieve this goal? What are the benefits of getting to your final destination. Visualizing success gives us energy and motivates us, and reduces our negativity bias (see November Newsletter). Write 2-3 sentences of what it would like to achieve your goal.
4. Build Your Plan– write down at least five (5) things you need to do to accomplish this goal: establish a “to-do list”, create supporting goals, be deliberate yet flexible
5. Identify Obstacles– you will run into road blocks along the way (this is called LIFE). Take ownership of your plan and the responsibility to overcome those obstacles. Knowing possible road blocks assists in Building Your Plan.
If you want to achieve your GOAL, you need to do something each day to move closer to it, even it’s a small step.

Rationale: contribute to and help build resilience
1. Hunt the Good Stuff
2. Goal Setting
3. Activating Event, Thoughts, Consequences
4. Energy Management
5. Avoid Thinking Traps
6. Detect Icebergs
7. Problem Solving
8. Put It in Perspective
9. Mental Games
10. Real-Time Resilience


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